Unequaled In-House Capabilities

At ECR we take great pride in being able to manage every part of your cab modernization project in-house. From planning and design to materials, manufacturing and shipping our integrated approach allows us to be in control of every stage of even the most complicated projects.

The net result is that we deliver the highest level of quality on time and on budget every time.

Project Management

At the heart of our project management system is our custom-developed, enterprise-level, software and integrated machining. This, in combination with years of experience, ensures that your project deadlines are always met.


You may not know where to start when designing your next interior but we do. Our design team has envisioned and realized thousands of elevator interiors covering every type of building architecture and interior design. Whether you need a complete design or just some help realizing an existing one, by working with our team you can feel confident that you will get a perfect design fit for your project.


Our highly skilled and dedicated employees operate a range of advanced metal, laminate, glass and finishing machinery. Every part of your new cab interior is manufactured in our warehouse. Our custom software keeps everything on track and ensures the tightest of tolerances are always met.

Customer Service

We go beyond the expected to deliver outstanding service at every stage of a project to everyone we work with. But what really sets us apart is our long-term commitment to everything we design and build. We’re here for you now and in the future.


Precision is the key. Designing and manufacturing each part of an elevator interior gives us an advantage when it comes to installation as we know every inch of what we’re working with. Trust ECR with your next installation for a perfect fit.

* Available in Canada only *


Shipping may not be the first thing on your mind when considering an elevator modernization. We take the same care with shipping as we do at any other stage of a project. Advanced crating solutions, careful planning and the shipping partnerships we’ve developed over the years allow us to deliver finished cab interiors faster and for less across Canada and the United States.


At ECR we constantly test new materials and end products using industry-leading, scientifically proven machines and techniques. ECR’s research and development mandate is to continually introduce innovative products to the market while insuring the highest level of safety, durability and aesthetics.

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