We invest in R&D

ECR’s advanced research and development facilities separate us from the competition.

At ECR we constantly test new materials and end products using industry-leading, scientifically proven machines and techniques. ECR’s research and development mandate is to continually introduce innovative products to the market while insuring the highest level of safety, durability and aesthetics.

Environmental Testing

Environmental testing is a key component in ensuring code compliance is met and that all of ECR’s cab interior components meet the highest standards for reliability and durability. Environmental testing over a range of temperature and humidity helps ECR produce panels that are in physical balance and are therefore less likely to warp. This testing gives our customers piece of mind that the products we ship will meet up to the rigours of long-term use.

Laminated Glass Testing

Laminated glass, whether used as a decorative feature (e.g.: printed glass) or a key part of the design (panoramic cab), is increasing requested by our customers. Our in-house destructive testing allows us to confirm that our glass products are fully code compliant.

Destructive Testing

Elevator interiors take a lot of abuse over time. ECR’s destructive testing measures the long-term durability of all the components we manufacture and ship. This testing gives us the ability to introduce new products to the market with confirmed quality and durability.

Steiner Tunnel Testing

This advanced testing environment measures a materials tendency to propagate flame and emit smoke. It is a North American standard for materials testing and is used in the selection of materials for interior construction.