About ECR

More than three decades of elevator cab experience

Our Mission:

  • To provide the elevator community with the highest quality products and services.
  • To exceed expectations by delivering our product at a competitive price. 
  • To be the leaders in our field by providing our expertise and innovative “value added solutions” to our customers, building owners, designers, architects and consultants.

Our Vision:

  • To be a recognized as North America’s industry leader in elevator interiors.

ECR Elevator Cab Renovations Inc. was established in 1987 and is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Initially the company designed, manufactured, and installed custom cab interiors for local elevator companies and contractors. Now ECR has expanded its market to include clients in dozens of cities across Canada and the United States.

In 2003, to meet the demand of an expanding North American market, ECR developed and introduced the patented A-Look™ Panel Fitment System: an easy to order and install cab interior. The product consists of an aluminium extrusion system used to lock the panels together providing a structurally sound web that connects to the cab shell.

In 2015, ECR expanded its product line with the patent pending C-Look™ Panel Fitment System: a solution that is also easy to order and install but which has an extrusion between panels which allows panels to be reversible for twice the life.!

ECR manufactures all cab interior components in-house for high quality control. The production plant consists of full metal, wood, paint, and glass facilities. With State of the art computer-controlled production equipment, management software, and vigorous project management protocols, ECR maintains outstanding quality and reliable delivery schedules.

In 2019, ECR partners with MAD Elevator Inc., Canada’s largest elevator fixture manufacturer, to make itself a one-stop-shop package solution for elevator interiors & fixtures needs.

You can rely on ECR!

Humble Beginnings
We began in co-founder Gary Morris’ garage on Schouten Street.
On the Move
With the company growing quickly, a commercial location was needed. ECR moved to Trim Road.
Already in need of more space, operations were moved to Polytech Road. Over time, we eventually occupied a full six units at Polytech.
Cab Revolution
We introduced the patented A-Look™ Panel Fitment System to the market.
Continued Growth
ECR moved to the 28,000 sq ft Blackwell Street building — occupying 12,000 square feet of it on arrival. Over 12 years, we expanded to occupy all 28,000 sq ft. with in house manufacturing including; cabinet making, sheet metal work, metal fabrication, and sophisticated glass and paint facilities.
Still Innovating
We introduced the patent pending C-Look™ Panel Fitment System
A New Partnership
ECR partners with MAD Elevator Inc. and the DMG Group of Companies to become a one-stop-shop for elevator interiors and fixtures solutions.

President’s Message

Proven product, proven service

Cab modernization has changed a lot since ECR began. While we continue to introduce innovations in design, manufacturing and process management, our commitment to customer service and long-term care remains unchanged. Put simply, ECR delivers a successful cab modernization on time and on budget. Every time.
Phil Grimes
President, CEO and co-founder



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