Convertible Ceilings

If you need to use your elevator for part time service and full time passenger duties a convertible ceiling is the answer for you. When used for passengers, a convertible ceiling looks like a conventional ceiling.

When the elevator is needed for service, the rear half of the ceiling can be slid up and above the front half to reveal a top hat. All this can be done in seconds by one person without tools. It can then be returned to passenger use just as easily.


When closed, the convertible ceiling looks just like a standard ceiling.

In Transition

To transition a convertible ceiling, it is just a matter of lifting the half ceiling, tilting it, and then sliding it into the pocket.


When opened, the half ceiling is securely hidden in the pocket and locked in place – exposing the top hat for service use.

Framed Convertible

Shown here is the Massif framed ceiling in convertible configuration.

Only the Massif ceiling is available in this configuration.

Floating Convertible

Shown here is the Whistler floating ceiling in convertible configuration.

Both the Whistler and Washington floating ceilings are available as convertible models.

Side-Mount Convertible

Shown here is the Blue Mountain side-mount convertible ceiling.

The Blue Mountain and Bristol side-mount ceilings come standard as convertibles.

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