E-Look System Signature Series

Nathan Phillips Square

Named after the Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto Ontario.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Ultra-light: 183 lbs

Nathan Phillips Square is considered to be the gateway to Toronto City Hall. The traditional 14 panel design of this Square reflects the diligent and interesting political discourse taking place there.

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Grand Square

Named after Grand Square in Brussels, Belgium.

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Ultra-light: 229 lbs

Grand Square is a world heritage site at the heart of Brussels. The Grand Square design with its simple lines and three section mirrors would be sure to fit into that elegant setting.

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Robson Square

Named after Robson Square in Vancouver, British Columbia

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Ultra-light: 204 lbs

Robson Square is a landmark civic centre and public plaza, located in downtown Vancouver. This model uses a blend of materials with metal accents in keeping with Vancouver’s vibrant architecture.

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Confederation Square

Named after the Confederation Square in Ottawa Ontario

Weight for a 2,500 lb car:
Ultra-light: 250 lbs

Confederation Square is an important ceremonial center. With Canada’s National War Memorial, it’s a place of honor and pride. This model blends mirror, metal and laminate elegantly in keeping with this site.

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Signature Series

Our four E-Look™ signature series models provide the foundation for a great cab modernization.

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